Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Joining the ranks of the insane (P87 and 18.37mm)

They say if you hang around someone long enough, then their traits and bad habits will pass across to you.
Hanging around with Jules W has caused two more of us in the group to join the ranks of the insane. Yep we are also going to start modelling VR to both P87 and 18.37mm.

The condition has already started to appear with both Peter H and myself purchasing a couple of T classes and some rolling stock kits at the Perth show held on the weekend, from the Trainworld guys, what a great bunch of guys they are, hope to see them again next year (already started saving).

There has already been a interloper at Eugrowa, which was managed to be photographed.

The plan is to develop the still born branch of Trunkey Creek into a border town with a transshipment yard, so both VR and NSWGR can co-exist together.
No I haven't totally flipped out by moving away from NSWGR, just a better why to improve my skills more. (also gives the excuse to by more trains).

Cheers Alco

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Hawkesbury River bridge at the Perth Show

Well after some hard work by the group, we managed to have a reasonable show in Perth this year. Set up went well with no major issues. After some heart ache late on Friday night with AMRA having a care factor of zero towards the exhibitors, Peter and Luke managed to sort out the barricading arrangements so that the Cockburn club could exhibit. This was something that AMRA should have gotten right. Apart from the usual bias in the judging towards member layouts, we did manage to come second in the "Jack Standbridge" trophy (as judged by fellow modellers). This was a great achievement for Rodney as this was his first layout he had built himself. Below are some photos. I will post up some vids on my YouTube page.
Setup friday

Until next time