Friday, 19 December 2014

Modelling the DARK SIDE and first test train

Well some progress has been done, amongst work and trying to build 3 modules for the 2015 Perth show.
All track has been laid through Thirroul with only 1 more point to do into the coal stage. So the next thing is all the wiring and install of all the point motors. Once that is done, the control panel will be sent back to Control Panel Designs for a new face plate and additional switches added.

Whilst I was laying the track around the back of Thirroul, on the DARK SIDE, I was thinking of what to do. So after some research, I have settled on Wallendbeen. As I wanted somewhere to use all my grain hoppers and my S016 silo. I have started to scratch build the tall silo's that are behind the S024 silo. My S016 will have the additional cylinder added to it so its correct.

Attached a a few photo's and a video of the first test train. Enjoy

The prototype photo I used as a reference

Merry xmas to all, and have a safe new year

Friday, 26 September 2014

Base boards built & track laying started

It's been a while since the last update, but have been busy working. Tarana was assigned to the council pickup. tried to let it go to a new home, but there was only one person that showed any interest. However they seem reluctant to make contact to pick up, so I couldn't wait any longer.

The build of Thirroul has commenced
I have managed to complete the base boards and commence the track laying on Thirroul.

Each board is 2.0 m x 1.8 m

Start of laying the yard south end

Curves around the roundhouse, 950 outside and 900 inside dia.

I still am yet to decide what will be modelled on the back side, but am leading towards a silo siding as I need somewhere for my fleet of wheatie's to run to and from. It won't be based on anywhere in particular at this stage.
Until the next instalment

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Full house at Thirroul loco and demise of Tarana

Hi guys,

Well another Perth AMRA show has come and gone, wallet's much lighter (as well as credit card - now to hide the bill)
A pretty good result for the group, with Deniliquen taking out the class 24 comp, plus another three minor placings in other categories. Unfortunatley, the diorama of the Roundhouse, didn't even rate a mention. Oh well, the feedback we got was overwhelming from both the public and modellers alike, so we will take that as a positive anyway.
Below are a couple of photo's from the show.

 Who would of thought, that there was over 10k sitting in the roundhouse, with a mixture of Brass, kits and RTR loco's and well over 1400 scale sheets of corrugated iron, Thanks Peter H, very much for your efforts with the roundhouse construction. Woolworth's will be wondering why their sales of Alfoil have suddenly dried up!!!!!!!!

 Shot of the roundhouse display and modelling desk, some of the guys did get a lot done over the weekend.
 Deniliquin at a quiet moment before the doors to the public were opened.

Rob showing the operation of the points levers.

The future for the roundhouse, well I have decided that Tarana will have to go!!!!!! With the roundhouse area being extended into a compressed yard of Thirroul being currently drawn up.

So I have decided that Tarana will be sold off. If anyone is interested, please drop us a line to discuss. I can send photo's and a list of inclusions to any interested parties.

Until the next update

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Cornering the market on HO corrugated iron

Just a quick update with a couple of photo's taken three weeks ago, of the completed framework of the roundhouse.
PH has been very busy producing some possible 1000 sheets of scale HO corrugated iron for placing on the walls and roof of the roundhouse. Will get a couple of more photo's when I next drop round for our next meet.