Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Eugowra branch line today

4827 on the Eugowra Turntable
Just a few photos from todays running session on the Eugowra branch line
Enjoying a cuppa at smoko in the Fettlers shed
Cleaning up the derailment

4827 shunting the silo whislt 4707 on ballast in yard

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Final fit out of the Hawkesbury River Bridges

Had a get together with the guys this afternoon to finish off the layout and to test every one's rolling stock.

After a few bugs were ironed out we managed to get some consistent running done. Whilst most of us were running, two of the guys were playing Vincent Vangough with a piece of cloth that was 12 meters long. They made an appearance after a couple of hours with the finished article, the back scene.

We temporarily held it up in place, and its definitely looks great. A big well done to Peter.

It should look even better at the show with the water in place.

Also managed to shoot a couple of video's as well that I will post on YouTube.

Until the next update.

How to get 150 pieces to a railway exhibiition safely? Well 144 actually!

After spending a week cleaning all my rolling stock and loco's for the upcoming Perth show, I was faced with the delima of transporting them safely to the show.
 Not wanting to take a fleet of cases and having to wrap each piece in bubble wrap or keep in their own packaging, a better way needed to be found.
I came across a A3 size draw unit at Ikea for $220.00 that suited the brief, with the added bonus of being the exact height to fit under the lower level of the layout. The draws do not come out of all once assembled, which is great for us that are heavy handed or clumsy, no draws hitting the deck when pulled out to far.
To add dividers into each draw, I cut some strips of MDF and glued them into place. Once the dividers were set I then glued some foam trackbed (DCC Concepts) to both the sides and the floor. This provides the safe cushioning for the rolling stock.

The bottom two draws I choose not to do as these were at this stage for two Auscision Yellow boxes for the bulk of my locos.  They easily fit in and with the space around the box I have used this for stowing some tools (saves another box).
"The block of flats (124 x rolling stock and 20 loco's)
All up the project has cost $360.00, but I feel that this will be money well spent. I have decided to call the unit " a Block of Flats"

Today we are off the do a total assembly of the "Hawkesbury" and test run every one's rolling stock. Hope to show some pic's of it, so those that won't see it in Perth can have a look.

Until next time, regards

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Modelling imitating life

One of our crew (Peter) has been installing a camera in his CPH, so we could enjoy a cab ride over the Hawkesbury at the Perth show.
Will have to try replicating this, just a video we came across on Youtube.

Bridge photo for comparison

We plan to have a setup and run day on the Hawkesbury this coming Saturday, so maybe we will get some video at that time. It will be the first time all the components of the layout will be together, A good test before the show the following week.

I had better get back to fixing some rolling stock, cleaning and checking coupling heights.
Paul (Alco)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Reuniting the missing ends

Well after some 2 months, the end modules were trucked back to be reunited with the rest of the Hawkesbury River Bridges.
Well I can tell you what a great site it was, within ten minutes of taking them off the truck, the rest of the layout was assembled together. This was the first time all pieces had been in the one place. They not only went together with ease, we also managed to even run a couple of trains accross, including a 35 class hauling a rake of end platform cars,( I think the driver forgot to turn at Fassifern).
Assembled ready
I did manage to snap a couple of photo's, but trying to fit in 9 meters of bridges, I found trouble trying to get enough room. Should look great with  the back scence in place and the water under the bridges. Only 3 weeks to go to the Perth show, so there is still a bit to do.
Add caption

Train driver veiw

Sydney end

Newcastle end

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Another one ready for revenue service, 600/700 Railcar set

Well I had recently purchased a Bergs Brass 600/700 class railcar set from Ebay.
After two weeks in the workshops, they were finally transfered to the western divison. The following photo and video is of its trial run at Wimbeldon. Sorry about the sound quality as the camera is a little old.
The correct sound files have be uploaded into the loksound yet as the sound are the 244 alco (I like the rattling donk).

All it needs then is some weathering, and she will be looking good running across the 'Hawkesbury" here in Perth at the annual show on the long weekend in 4 weeks time.


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Eugowra and Geoges plains photos

45 class shunting the track cleaning wagon along the turntable road at Eugowra. The track is code 55 with Hand laid points by a group member. The rest of the branch line trackwork is code 75. The mainline is currnetly code 100, as was laid a few years ago, before the availability of code 75. It may get relayed in time.
Some photos of Eugowra with Georges Plains on the upper level.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Perth show fast approaching

With the Perth show only 4 weeks away, it's time to start cleaning locos and rolling stock. With in excess of 150 peices to do, I will have to make sure that I start this soon.
Around 100 peices will be needed for the show, as with the "Hawesbury" being 12 meters long it will have a lot of spaces to be filled. Some of the other members of the MOAP are also busy dong there locos and rolling as well.

As for the "Hawkesbury" the ends are coming along quite well and Rodney has assured that the track laying is al most complete. For those that aren't in the know, the layout is a HO scale representation of the Hawkesbury River Bridges from tunnel to tunnel.
Photo of the Tree's waiting to be installed.