Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Construction commenced on Thirroul roundhouse started

Hi all, just a quick update on the construction of the roundhouse for the entry into the 2014 Perth show. PH has been making good progress on the walls and been slaving away on the corrugated iron for the roof and all the walls.
One thing is for sure, the diorama is going to be quite big!!!!!!!!!

Until the next update,


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Running thru Tarana

Its been a few months since my last update. I have had a lot of time on my hands, due to being laid off work, but with the arrival of a new grandson, most of my attention as been on family matters.

I have done some modelling in that time, mainly installing decoders in some steam and diesels.
Decoder installs completed
1. Brass D50 (loksound V4)
2 Eureka AD60 (loksound V4)
3. Ezi kits Z19 (loksound V4)
4. Austrains C36 (loksound V4)
5 DJH D59 (DCC Concepts)
6 Trainorama 44 (loksound Select)
7 Trainorama 44 no2 (Loksound Select)
8 Trainorama 42 (loksound Select)
9 Auscision 73 (Loksound Select Micro)
10 Brass 43 (Loksound V4)
11 Brass 45 (Loksound Select)

I decided to give the Select's a go, since updating the Loksound Programer. The sound files of this latest version are in my opinion, the best sounding ever. Especially the Alco 251 and GM 567 files.
Once I downloaded them into each decoder, I sent a lot of time playing around with the settings. I am quite happy with the results so far.
Below are a couple of video's of the 44's and 42 running thru Tarana. (I do apologise for the quality, as the only tripod I could find at the time was a small one thats sits on the layout, and it shakes)

Double 44's on a westbound freight, slowing for a signal, before preceding to Bathurst.

42 Class on the Central West Express, Sydney bound.

I also did some additional detailing to Tarana, adding some fences and other scene details, since the layout was exhibited in June.
The base board and main frames for Thirroul Roundhouse have been started by PH, and hope to post a few photo updates next week.

The other good news is I start a new job with Aurizon tomorrow, so I will now get to play with real trains as well.

Until the next instalment.


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Addition to the Alco roster & planning for rear expansion

A recent purchase of Ebay has been a Brass Mansfield 43 class. Finish is superb. Many thanks to a very well known Canberra Modeller.

Plan to add a Loksound decoder with multiple speakers and the correct Alco 244 sounds.

Current planning has begun for the rear of the layout. Considering switching to the south coast.
Thirroul Loco depot is the current idea, with PH already building the roundhouse and turntable area. The yard itself will be condensed due to the available space. The return at the front may lend itself to a representation of the viaduct at Stanwell Park if room and some engineering can be applied, due to needing to a lift up section to gain excess to operate

Until the next update.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Show over now back to finish off details

Hi all,
The Perth show has been and gone, both layouts did pretty good with 2 firsts, 2 seconds and 3 third places.
All concerned had a great weekend, and thanks to the Trainworld guys for making the trip across again, or their would have been nothing of Australian Prototype at all to buy.
Seems Perths love of pommie and US prototype is still strong.

Below are a few photo's from the weekend.
Diorama, Oberon and Tarana side of display.
Fiddle Yard side The Hawkesbury.
Tarana Yard was full of steam D50, C38 and Z19.
5917 coasts thru with a Sydney bound goods.
4717 with a stock train shunting Oberon, while 1942 slumbers at the ash pit.
Busy at the Tarana goods.
Looking down Tarana yard.
CPH 5 at Oberon station with a Flatop T that got lost?

As per the title, both Oberon and Tarana still need extra detail added, both of these will be done over the next few months.
Now that both layouts are back at there respective homes, what the future for them?
Well Tarana has been setup so that if Peter brings Oberon over, it will plug straight in and join up down the driveway, so we can enjoy running the branch line. Or we could employ time table running between both homes every second weekend!
Will both be exhibited together again? There is the chance that may happen in a couple of years, but not in the forseable future, as our group's aim is still to exhibit a different layout each year, with the planning for 2014 already underway of the "VR" prototype.

Until the next update.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

4 days till Perth Show, nealy there, update

Hi all,
An update on the progress of the layout to be displayed at the Perth Show, this coming weekend.

Tarana has almost been completed, with only a few minor details to add and the sign for the layout to be cutout and painted. Below are a few photo's taken today.

Left hand side toward Bathurst
Right hand side toward Lithgow

Overall view of display
The Oberon Branch by Peter H has also been completed and both will be displayed together over the weekend, along with Rodney's Hawksbury River being the "Fiddle yard" on the back side.
A couple of photo's of Peter H's Oberon

Once again, both Peter and myself would like to thank Peter R, for his awesome effort with the back scene's on both layouts.
If you a re at the show, stop by and say hello. Until next time.



Friday, 12 April 2013

Scenery Started

Hi all,
Jut a quick post to show that there has been some update with the scenery

Bathurst end 1

Bathurst end closeup

Overall Bathurst end board

Special thanks to Peter R for the excellent back scenes.
Hopefully post up next week some shots of the Sydney end once completed.
Until then.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Station building underway and addition to roster

G'day all,
Progress on the main station building for Tarana has commenced. It is a A6 station kit from Modelsnmore. I painted the walls before assembly with some Taubmans silk - Lady in Red. I have still to paint the numerous detail parts, in a suitable shade as yet so hope to start the assembly over the next couple of days. After that will be the windows frames that will be painted white.
The only thing the kit doesn't come with is the glass, so will have to source something suitable for them.
Below are a few progress photo's.
Front view

Toilet end view
Bag of detail part (very fine work on the roof supports and air vents)
Roofing and corner stones

Also, I have added an addition to the roster, AD60 class, 6041. It came with QSI, but after numerous problems, have now fitted it with a Loksound V4. The sound is great. Now only sound to be fitted to my D50 and C36.

Until the next update.


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Scenery started and wiring done and buildings started

Hi guys,
Just a an update, all of the wiring has been completed, tested for operation. Scenery has started with the ballasting completed, and the platforms underway.
The control of the points is being done by a CPD (Control Panel Designs) which after a programing issue has been sorted out by both Brendan and Ralph from CPD. Their customer service has been second to none.

CPD panel for Tarana Yard

View of yard west bound

Livestock Siding
I came across a web site a couple of weeks ago, called Models and More, which had listed quite a few buildings for NSWGR in both HO and On30. They had an A6 station that was a good representation for Tarana, so I decided to part with $148.00 and bite the bullet. Tarana is based on an A6 but has a number of differences to the standard. I have started putting the kit together this morning, so will post a few photo's up as it progresses. At this stage I don't intend to modify the kit to be Tarana as it is prototypicaly, as my scratch building skills won't be up to it at this stage, and feel the compromise won't detract from the viewing or operation of the layout.
Until next time
Paul (Alco)