Saturday, 9 June 2012

Line closure

Sad times are quickly approaching, the closure of the "Main Western Line" is fast approaching with the sale of our current house.
But 2 good pieces of news is at hand, with the new premises brings hope of a new beginning.

 1. Plans have already been started for the NEW "Western Division". The current plan is for the site of "Tarana" to be built with the branch line to Oberon included. It will be 5.7 m x 3 m (not including the branch, which will be modules extending out of the shed into the drive way for running, expect it to be 4 m long x 1 m wide).
So stay tuned for more updates as they come to hand. There has been a "Last run Session" planed for the line before its closure.
2. The sale was also subject to the "Layout being included in the sale" so the line will live on with thw new owners (saved me pulling it down).

Catch you all soon