Saturday, 14 May 2011

Reuniting the missing ends

Well after some 2 months, the end modules were trucked back to be reunited with the rest of the Hawkesbury River Bridges.
Well I can tell you what a great site it was, within ten minutes of taking them off the truck, the rest of the layout was assembled together. This was the first time all pieces had been in the one place. They not only went together with ease, we also managed to even run a couple of trains accross, including a 35 class hauling a rake of end platform cars,( I think the driver forgot to turn at Fassifern).
Assembled ready
I did manage to snap a couple of photo's, but trying to fit in 9 meters of bridges, I found trouble trying to get enough room. Should look great with  the back scence in place and the water under the bridges. Only 3 weeks to go to the Perth show, so there is still a bit to do.
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Train driver veiw

Sydney end

Newcastle end

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