Sunday, 4 September 2011

The third dimension

Well it has been a while, but there has been some progress, but not in a way that everyone would think.

Now the previous post advised that a direction change was on the cards to VR broad gauge and in P87, from the tried and true NSWGR.
But now that the major VR influence (JW) has departed for way north (not quite Alaska), the other major distraction has started off.
All the group members are doing a module each for a On30 layout for the Perth show in June 2012. All the base boards were prefabbed by PH so that they would all be the same. Everyone was left free to plan what they were wanting to do. The only stipulations were, hand layed track (including points) code 75, timber sleepers and a bush theme.

Well I decided to buy a couple of Steam in the Bush kits for my Shay and Porter. The shay has come along quite well today (nothing better than modelling on fathers day) well it is fathers day.

Until the next update.


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