Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Scenery started and wiring done and buildings started

Hi guys,
Just a an update, all of the wiring has been completed, tested for operation. Scenery has started with the ballasting completed, and the platforms underway.
The control of the points is being done by a CPD (Control Panel Designs) which after a programing issue has been sorted out by both Brendan and Ralph from CPD. Their customer service has been second to none.

CPD panel for Tarana Yard

View of yard west bound

Livestock Siding
I came across a web site a couple of weeks ago, called Models and More, which had listed quite a few buildings for NSWGR in both HO and On30. They had an A6 station that was a good representation for Tarana, so I decided to part with $148.00 and bite the bullet. Tarana is based on an A6 but has a number of differences to the standard. I have started putting the kit together this morning, so will post a few photo's up as it progresses. At this stage I don't intend to modify the kit to be Tarana as it is prototypicaly, as my scratch building skills won't be up to it at this stage, and feel the compromise won't detract from the viewing or operation of the layout.
Until next time
Paul (Alco)


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