Sunday, 10 November 2013

Running thru Tarana

Its been a few months since my last update. I have had a lot of time on my hands, due to being laid off work, but with the arrival of a new grandson, most of my attention as been on family matters.

I have done some modelling in that time, mainly installing decoders in some steam and diesels.
Decoder installs completed
1. Brass D50 (loksound V4)
2 Eureka AD60 (loksound V4)
3. Ezi kits Z19 (loksound V4)
4. Austrains C36 (loksound V4)
5 DJH D59 (DCC Concepts)
6 Trainorama 44 (loksound Select)
7 Trainorama 44 no2 (Loksound Select)
8 Trainorama 42 (loksound Select)
9 Auscision 73 (Loksound Select Micro)
10 Brass 43 (Loksound V4)
11 Brass 45 (Loksound Select)

I decided to give the Select's a go, since updating the Loksound Programer. The sound files of this latest version are in my opinion, the best sounding ever. Especially the Alco 251 and GM 567 files.
Once I downloaded them into each decoder, I sent a lot of time playing around with the settings. I am quite happy with the results so far.
Below are a couple of video's of the 44's and 42 running thru Tarana. (I do apologise for the quality, as the only tripod I could find at the time was a small one thats sits on the layout, and it shakes)

Double 44's on a westbound freight, slowing for a signal, before preceding to Bathurst.

42 Class on the Central West Express, Sydney bound.

I also did some additional detailing to Tarana, adding some fences and other scene details, since the layout was exhibited in June.
The base board and main frames for Thirroul Roundhouse have been started by PH, and hope to post a few photo updates next week.

The other good news is I start a new job with Aurizon tomorrow, so I will now get to play with real trains as well.

Until the next instalment.


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