Friday, 19 December 2014

Modelling the DARK SIDE and first test train

Well some progress has been done, amongst work and trying to build 3 modules for the 2015 Perth show.
All track has been laid through Thirroul with only 1 more point to do into the coal stage. So the next thing is all the wiring and install of all the point motors. Once that is done, the control panel will be sent back to Control Panel Designs for a new face plate and additional switches added.

Whilst I was laying the track around the back of Thirroul, on the DARK SIDE, I was thinking of what to do. So after some research, I have settled on Wallendbeen. As I wanted somewhere to use all my grain hoppers and my S016 silo. I have started to scratch build the tall silo's that are behind the S024 silo. My S016 will have the additional cylinder added to it so its correct.

Attached a a few photo's and a video of the first test train. Enjoy

The prototype photo I used as a reference

Merry xmas to all, and have a safe new year

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