Tuesday, 28 May 2013

4 days till Perth Show, nealy there, update

Hi all,
An update on the progress of the layout to be displayed at the Perth Show, this coming weekend.

Tarana has almost been completed, with only a few minor details to add and the sign for the layout to be cutout and painted. Below are a few photo's taken today.

Left hand side toward Bathurst
Right hand side toward Lithgow

Overall view of display
The Oberon Branch by Peter H has also been completed and both will be displayed together over the weekend, along with Rodney's Hawksbury River being the "Fiddle yard" on the back side.
A couple of photo's of Peter H's Oberon

Once again, both Peter and myself would like to thank Peter R, for his awesome effort with the back scene's on both layouts.
If you a re at the show, stop by and say hello. Until next time.




  1. Paul,

    Congratulations, it looks great. A massive achievement in less than a year that puts many of us to shame.

    Good luck at the Show this weekend.

    cheers Phil

    1. Thanks Phil,
      I am quite happy with the result so far, would have liked to have added a few more details, but time run out. Still have one of the slips given problems, but should be able to sort out tomorrow at the setup.
      After the show plan to build the rest of the layout, so I can start running some trains instead of shunting only.
      Thanks for the kind words.