Monday, 10 June 2013

Show over now back to finish off details

Hi all,
The Perth show has been and gone, both layouts did pretty good with 2 firsts, 2 seconds and 3 third places.
All concerned had a great weekend, and thanks to the Trainworld guys for making the trip across again, or their would have been nothing of Australian Prototype at all to buy.
Seems Perths love of pommie and US prototype is still strong.

Below are a few photo's from the weekend.
Diorama, Oberon and Tarana side of display.
Fiddle Yard side The Hawkesbury.
Tarana Yard was full of steam D50, C38 and Z19.
5917 coasts thru with a Sydney bound goods.
4717 with a stock train shunting Oberon, while 1942 slumbers at the ash pit.
Busy at the Tarana goods.
Looking down Tarana yard.
CPH 5 at Oberon station with a Flatop T that got lost?

As per the title, both Oberon and Tarana still need extra detail added, both of these will be done over the next few months.
Now that both layouts are back at there respective homes, what the future for them?
Well Tarana has been setup so that if Peter brings Oberon over, it will plug straight in and join up down the driveway, so we can enjoy running the branch line. Or we could employ time table running between both homes every second weekend!
Will both be exhibited together again? There is the chance that may happen in a couple of years, but not in the forseable future, as our group's aim is still to exhibit a different layout each year, with the planning for 2014 already underway of the "VR" prototype.

Until the next update.

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